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Product Instructional Guide

DOWNLOAD Designed to give direction and substance for the efficient use of herbs. A blueprint that illustrates the gradual steps toward enhanced clarity, perception and insight into the most integral aspects of health, disease and therapeutic herb use. It illustrates how health, disease and human physiology is governed by the energetics of stimulation/heat/acidity and sedation/cold/alkalinity. …

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Inner Temple Purification

DOWNLOAD A 14-Day 4 step intracellular complete body Cleansing program that assists the body in removing impurities and blockages from all the organs and vessels (kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen small & large intestines, vascular and lymphatic) .that would otherwise manifest as illness and disease. Detoxification and cleansing gradually removes the impurities and toxic by-products of…

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Inner Temple Cleanse

DOWNLOAD A 7-Day 3 step intracellular cleansing program that assists the body in gradually removing impurities and blockages from the liver, lungs, spleen, small & large intestines, vascular and lymphatic) .that would otherwise manifest as illness and disease. The end result is better assimilation, absorption, digestion and metabolism. Body functions operate on a higher frequency;…

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Permanent Weight Loss

Download A Fourteen (14) day program designed to enhance digestion, metabolism, absorption, assimilation, and provide optimal levels of nourishment & rejuvenation, while removing excess waste residue within the small & large intestinal tract, and release excess glucose, hormones and impurities within the liver. This will result in reduced food cravings, regular bowel activity, prevention of…

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Diabetic Program

DOWNLOAD A 14-Day regimen, designed to reduce high glucose levels, whole restoring the normal insulin secreting levels within the pancreas. In the same process it enhances digestion, metabolism, absorption, assimilation and provides optimal levels of nourishment & rejuvenation It assists in removing abundance of carbohydrates (glycogen) stored within the liver and muscles tissue that converts…

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Liver Purification

DOWNLOAD A nine (9) Day program that consists of Seven (7) Days of cleansing, purification and revitalization, of all but one compartment within the liver. The other two (2) Days involve the cleansing and flushing of the bile tubes and ducts that connect the liver to the gall bladder; the duct that stores¬†bile which emulsifies…

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Cell Nutrition

DOWNLOAD A 100% plant based whole food complex, that contains every vitamin, mineral and organic cell salt complex the body requires. These complexes can only occur with the presence of enzymes and photosynthesis.¬† Nourishing plant vegetation provides 100% assimilated Nutrition, that will be utilized by every cell in each system within the body in need…

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