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Product Instructional Guide

Designed to give direction and substance for the efficient use of herbs. A blueprint that illustrates the gradual steps toward enhanced clarity, perception and insight into the most integral aspects of health, disease and therapeutic herb use. It illustrates how health, disease and human physiology is governed by the energetics of stimulation/heat/acidity and sedation/cold/alkalinity.  The body has the self-inherent capability to heal most any condition that one can encounter. The purpose of medicinal and nutritional herbs is to activate and revitalize this self-inherent potential to facilitate the healing process. It covers the four (4) stages of disease; guidelines for product use; The three (3) categories of medicinal plants; The therapeutic and nourishing blend category of herbs; Herb use with medication; therapeutic and nourishing blend categories; herb use with medicine; dietary guidelines during herb use; guidelines for nursing and pregnant women; Body response to herb use; healing response to herb use.

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