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We at Natures Compounds welcome you on a journey of healing and revitalization; a path that entails natures therapeutic healing and nourishing plant species, that were created with the intent of bringing health and well being by eradicating the state of illness and dis-ease that we would eventually encounter.

​We have formulated a line of herbal blends that are efficient at enhancing the relief of  symptoms, cleansing & detoxification, and the strengthening & nourishment of every organ, tissue and cell structure. Our featured product is Cell Nutrition—a whole food complex comprised of the oldest sea and land vegetation known to man, possessing the nutritional essentials lacking in conventional and organically grown foods which revitalize Stem cell functioning, thus rebuilding cells, blood, bone, tissue, cartilage, tendon and organs. The purpose of medicinal and nutritional herbs is to activate and revitalize the self-inherent potential within our body to facilitate the healing process. This process can only occur if the appropriate environment exists to allow for its activation and facilitation. The dietary practices of today create the internal environment that inhibits the activation of this process. This is where the use of medicinal and nutritional blends comes into use; they assist the body in removing the blockages and accumulation of debris that prevent self-healing; and once the obstructions are released the body becomes primary facilitator of healing and homeostasis.

Our Blends are formulated on the principles of energetics (alkalinity – stagnation/cold/wetness and acidity -stimulation/heat/dryness); an understanding that health, disease and herbs express themselves energetically. The first step is to acquire an understanding of the energetics of homeostasis in human physiology; afterward we observe the energetics of the imbalance (disease), and conclude with an evaluation of the herbs with the energetics most appropriate for balancing the expression of the disease; this is the most efficient approach of formula design

Here are two (2) examples of the energetics of disease: Asthma – cold/stagnant/wetness (mucus), which is neutralized  by herbs with the energetics of heat/stimulation/dryness which expels mucus. Hypertension – constriction of arteries/deficiency, which is neutralized by herbs that energetically dilate/relax – the arteries with the replenishment of organic cell salts of potassium and calcium phosphate (nourishment). 

There are elements within herbs that are not completely absorbed in alcohol, vinegar nor glycerin; which is why we use herbs in powdered form to make our liquid decoctions rather than in cut, sifted or whole form; these forms offer limited absorption and leave valuable elements within the herb portions. In powdered form the entire glandular system is enhanced as well as all the vital organs which absorb blood through their tissues; resulting in efficient metabolic response. The use of powdered herbs encapsulated in vegi-capsules is our primary form in which we prepare our blends.

The primary objective is to open all major pathways which allows for toxins and residue to be released. Once the blockages are removed from the small and large intestines, the body can begin the self-healing process with assistance of the therapeutics of the herbs The undigested food residue along the walls of the small intestinal tract – where 85% of absorption occurs limits the assimilation of nutrient and healing elements; which is why we emphasize cleansing of the small and large intestines (colon) as the first measure for addressing Sub-acute (developing), Acute (manifested) and Chronic (long term) \Diseases. This will assure efficient absorption and assimilation of medicinal properties of herbs in any form. There are corresponding areas in the colon and various parts of our body, and when the colon encounters blockage in specific area(s) we can see indications of it on the skin surface or in organ dysfunction.

We have upgraded our formulas which now possess  60% rainforest herbs; Three (3) formulas in particular (Nature’s Antibiotic, Natures Antiviral & Immune enhancer) consist of 100% rainforest ingredients; and Cell Nutrition consists of 100% wild vegetation from sea and land vegetation, which comprise the’ oldest edible plants known to man. These plants have been tested and shown to possess more complexed medicinal properties than those from North America. We have replaced those ingredients used from tree bark which requires a  long duration to replenish. These progressions in formula design present a line of Therapeutic blends that are highly efficient at assisting in the gradual formation of health and well being.