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Liver Purification

A nine (9) Day program that consists of Seven (7) Days of cleansing, purification and revitalization, of all but one compartment within the liver. The other two (2) Days involve the cleansing and flushing of the bile tubes and ducts that connect the liver to the gall bladder; the duct that stores bile which emulsifies fats; also the same area which houses anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 gallstones which were formed from the accumulation of  cholesterol which has solidified over an extensive period. The gallstones are dissolved and carried through the intestines for elimination on the last day of the program. A diet of fried foods from childhood throughout adulthood is what accumulates the cholesterol. The recently acquired and older waste residue of incomplete metabolism is mildy purged from the small and large intestinal tract (colon).

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