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Cell Nutrition

A 100% plant based whole food complex, that contains every vitamin, mineral and organic cell salt complex the body requires. These complexes can only occur with the presence of enzymes and photosynthesis.  Nourishing plant vegetation provides 100% assimilated Nutrition, that will be utilized by every cell in each system within the body in need of revitalization. The revitalized cells then produce other quality cells, only to be repeated again and again.  This blend offers the highest form of nutrition found in a bottle food source; and contains vital components not found in conventionally and most organically grown food. It contains all the required complexes and cell salts essential to: Bone, blood, nerves, Muscles, vessels, organs, Tendons, cartilage & ligaments. It increases: Digestion, respiration, dialysis, Protein synthesis, assimilation, stamina, Elimination & eyesight. It enhances: Endocrine gland functioning Cell reproduction Female hormone balancing prostate activity, Cell revitalization, nerve function, Mental clarity & Chakras. It’s composed of Phytonutrients, Chlorophyll, Protein enzymes, Anti-oxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids & Carotenoids.

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