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Permanent Weight Loss

A Fourteen (14) day program designed to enhance digestion, metabolism, absorption, assimilation, and provide optimal levels of nourishment & rejuvenation, while removing excess waste residue within the small & large intestinal tract, and release excess glucose, hormones and impurities within the liver. This will result in reduced food cravings, regular bowel activity, prevention of potential disease, and weight loss. . When food is not completely digested, absorbed and eliminated, it leaves unused portions in the small & large intestines, compartments of the liver, lymphatic vessels and lungs. The factors contributing to weight increase; preventing weight increase; cleansing, purification and rejuvenation; Product ingredients; weight loss and dietary guidelines; food combining guidelines; general food guidelines; understanding carbohydrates; human cell composition; the composition of carbohydrates in food; substitutions; instructions

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