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Inner Temple Cleanse

A 7-Day 3 step intracellular cleansing program that assists the body in gradually removing impurities and blockages from the liver, lungs, spleen, small & large intestines, vascular and lymphatic) .that would otherwise manifest as illness and disease. The end result is better assimilation, absorption, digestion and metabolism. Body functions operate on a higher frequency; the thought process and mental clarity are enhanced, and the spirit is uplifted. This program is a more general cleansing program placing specific emphasis on the liver. This is an excellent starter program for those not advanced. It illustrates the principles of cleansing and rejuvenation; preventing congestive build-up; loosening waste accumulation; removing waste accumulation/purification; assimilation and vitality enhancement; fiber content and bowel regularity; 2-Day pre-cleanse food regimen; ingredients; weight loss; dietary guidelines; summary.

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