Parasite Cleanse




Comprises three (3) compounds;  Purification, Liver Flush, and Eliminator are the three (3) compounds that cleanse and detox the toxic by-products of food residues that have traveled via the Blood & lymph and have been absorbed (stored) within the tissues of the liver, kidneys, bladder, prostate, lungs, lymphatic, sinus cavity, nasal passageway, uterus, joints, and blood. These toxins can potentially manifest into inflammation, abnormal growths, tissue deterioration, disease and the environment that breeds parasites, worms, yeast, and ringworms Purification prevents free radical development and excess oxidation which causes injury to cells. Liver Flush enhances the ability to eliminate excess sugar-glucose fat, protein by-products, and estrogen. It releases iron stored in the liver assisting in anemia. 

It releases the excess glucose released from the liver via urination. It converts excess fat-soluble substances into water-soluble forms that are released via the kidneys. Eliminator comprises organic chemical compounds that are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal which neutralize, paralyze & demise the parasites that are lodged within muscle tissue, mucous membrane lining, intestinal tract, lymphatic system or subcutaneous tissues and bloodstream through their infection of various body tissue. It creates an environment that will prevent the return of pathogenic organisms that cause itching, fatigue, increased appetite, and potential disease.


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