Diabetic Program




A 14-Day regimen, designed to reduce high glucose levels, while restoring the normal insulin secreting levels within the pancreas. In the same process it enhances digestion, metabolism, absorption, assimilation and provides optimal levels of nourishment & rejuvenation It assists in removing abundance of carbohydrates (glycogen) stored within the liver and muscles tissue that converts into excess glucose. The excess glucose released into the blood stream and muscle tissue is unable to be utilized by cells for lack of insulin; thus inhibiting cells to release energy. The glucose in the muscle tissue provides the energy source that is used for all muscular activities. The decrease in blood sugar (glucose) results in normal insulin secretion and a more efficient pancreas functioning. The Dietary factors that contribute to diabetes insulin & glucagon; Understanding carbohydrates; Human cell composition; The composition of carbohydrates in foods; Preventing diabetes-glucose balancing; Food combining guidelines; Substitutions; General food guidelines; Cleansing, purification and rejuvenation; Instructions and ingredients


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